About MattDMo

About Me

My name is Matt Morrison, but you can generally find me online as MattDMo, hence the domain name. I generally hang out on GitHub and the StackOverflow/StackExchange network, and when it’s working at the forum for my favorite piece of software – the text editor/programming environment Sublime Text. You can occasionally find me on Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve got a pretty sweet LinkedIn profile too.

What I Do

It may surprise some people that know me online, but I’m not a programmer in real life, at least not professionally – I’m a scientist. I have a pretty broad range of experiences, but I’ve focused on biochemistry and cell and molecular biology for most of my career, with a little bit of manufacturing, quality, and various associated things thrown in for good measure. I’m currently working for Shire doing bioanalytical assay development, but I spent many years at Cell Signaling Technology before then developing, producing, validating, and supporting antibodies and antibody-based products. I went to grad school at Penn State Hershey, originally as a PhD student in the Integrative Biosciences – Molecular Medicine program, but I eventually realized that the academic life wasn’t for me, and with the support of my advisor I published a first-author paper as my Master’s thesis and headed out into the real world.

My Projects

I have lots of stuff going on, much of it related to Sublime Text in one way or another.

  • My Neon Color Scheme for Sublime Text and TextMate is designed to make as many languages as possible look as good as possible, through taking advantage of the many scopes found in the .tmLanguage language definition files and their possible combinations. It’s a “bright on black” scheme, but plans for Neon Light are in the works, so stay tuned! You can find the original project on GitHub.
  • As a related project, I just started Neon-pygments, my first stab at a Pygments style, based on Neon. I’ll submit it to the Pygments project and see if they’ll accept it in the code base, but even if they don’t it’ll be a good exercise.
  • Python Improved is a better Python .tmLanguage syntax definition for Sublime and TextMate that fixes a lot of issues with the current versions, and adds some additional features as well, including Django-specific syntax highlighting, support for Python 3 function annotations, and more. If you do any work with Python, I’d highly recommend getting it. Of course 🙂
  • There are a bunch of projects that I’ve contributed to, just because I can: Package Control (of course), ScopeHunter, GenerateUUID, and others.
  • This website and others tend to absorb a fairly large amount of my time. I have a really great hosting provider called WebFaction, and I have a ton of sites on there where I play with Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP (blech), HTML/JS/CSS, shell access, DNS, mail servers, and all sorts of other cool stuff. I’ll probably write another post at some point extolling all of WebFaction’s virtues, as there are many to behold, but their shell access via SSH and their very well put together online Control Panel are just terrific. They have all sorts of web services that can be installed very easily, unlimited subdomain names, and … but, I’m getting ahead of myself. Go check them out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

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